Our Benefits


Automatic Benefits (no premium required)

  • CTA Death and Dismemberment Plan – a death benefit of up to $2,000.

  • NEA DUES-TAB Insurance – a death benefit of up to $1,000Educators Employment Liability (EEL) – $1,000,000 coverage for claims arising out of your education employment activities.

  • CTA Health Information and Well-Baby Program – no additional cost to CTA members participating in the CTA endorsed voluntary life or disability plan.

  • CTA Travel, Entertainment and Purchasing Discounts – discounts on movie tickets, amusement park entrance fees, vacations, cruises, tours, rental cars, and a discount auto purchasing program.

  • CTA Disaster Relief Fund – cash grants of $1,000, individual interest-free loans up to $2,000 and School Site Grants of $500 for members who have experienced significant losses due to disasters in California.

  • Vision Discount Program for CTA/NEA-Retired Members – 20% discount off eye exams, frames and lenses, and a 15% discount off contact lenses available from Vision Service Plan (VSP) participating providers.


Voluntary Benefits

  • CTA Group Lif

  • e Insurance Plan – level benefit term coverage options ranging from $25,000 to $400,000

  • CTA Group Disability Insurance Plan – up to 75% of your regular daily contract salary (benefits reduced by other income), $25 per work day during fully paid sick leave and an additional $35 per calendar day for hospital stays

  • CTA Auto Insurance – 21% rate differential between CTA member and non-member rates (additional 10% discount for auto if you have a combined auto and home policy), and deductible waived entirely for vandalism that occurs on or within 500 feet of school property

  • CTA Home Insurance – 24% rate differential between CTA member and non-member rates (additional 10% discount for home insurance if you have a combined auto and home policy)

  • CTA Credit Union Services – competitive personal, auto and home loans

  • CTA Credit Card Program – No annual fee, and special travel, cash and merchandise rewards program

To learn more about your CTA Member Benefits , visit CTA’s NEW web site at www.cta.org.