Committees are established and discontinued by the Executive Board, subject to approval of the Representative Council.The chair is appointed by the President with the concurrence of the Executive Board. The committee members are appointed by the executive board. Each committee selects a co-chair and secretary, is expected to submit an agenda and minutes to the Vice President of the Association, and shall submit periodic reports to the Executive Board and Representative Council.


The KHSTA Standing Committees and current members are as follows:


Community Outreach Committee


ChargeThe Community Outreach Committee’s purpose is to identify supportive community organizations, develop relationships around common interests with these organizations, and positively increase the perception, visibility and level of support of the Association within the community.

Members Schools
Diane Bachtel Arvin
Meagan Virrey Mira Monte
Aleida Rojas Minority at Large (Arvin)
Hector Leonzo Golden Valley
Ryan Dembosky North
Cynthia Brakeman Arvin



Communications Committee


Charge:  The Communications Committee studies and recommends policies and procedures for consideration by KHSTA governance bodies in the following areas:


  1. Building and maintaining a strong public image for educators and positioning KHSTA as the pre-eminent voice for public education in the local area.
  2. Enhancing the Association’s district-wide media relations programs.
  3. Creating communications strategies to promote KHSTA’s policy agenda.
  4. Strengthening community action programs, including the Association’s political action effort.
  5. Providing communications resources and programs to the Association’s field operation.
  6. Expanding the Association’s strong program of membership promotion throughout the local area.
  7. Improving communications with the Association’s membership throughout the district.
  8. Developing and maintaining an overall Communications Action Plan.
Members School
Laura Ghilarducci Foothill
Megan Bishop Stockdale
Terrence Banks West High
Mindy Montanio Highland



Budget and Finance Committee


Charge:  The committee shall have the following functions:


  1. To develop the Association’s annual budget for consideration of the Executive Board.
  2. To receive membership input during all phases of its preparation.
  3. To make recommendations to the Executive Board on any items of proposed expenditures which are not included in the current budget of the Association.
  4. To review proposals upon referral by the Executive Board and/or the representative Council which have implications for future budgets of the Association.
  5. To provide continuous review of the fiscal status of the Association.
Members School
Lisa Layshot Stockdale
Janet Schultz Bakersfield
Jim Provensal Ruggenberg
Mark Mettler Discovery
Mark Hamilton Ridgeview
Greg Moses ROC


Grievance Committee


Charge: The Grievance Committee shall assist the Executive Board in the enforcement of the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Kern High School District. Other responsibilities of the committee include:


  1. The processing or assistance to members in the processing of grievances.
  2. The review of grievance proceduresrecommendations to the Executive Board for procedural  adjustment and refinement.  
  3. The review of possible grievances for further action.
  4. Making recommendations to the Executive Board in regards to pursuing mediation and/or arbitration.
  5. Assisting the bargaining team by suggesting needed contract language.
  6. The training and development of training materials in the areas of grievance and grievance
Members School
Adam Bishop Liberty
Trent Combs West
Matt Day Mira Monte
Jennie Babcock Summit
Tom Johnson Liberty



Instruction and Professional Development Committee


Charge: The Instruction and Professional Development Committee studies and recommends policies and procedures for consideration by CTA governance bodies in the areas of classroom curriculum, materials, instructional methods, and professional development including:


  1. Matters pertaining to curriculum and instruction impacting upon the education needs of the students of the Kern High School District.
  2. Matters pertaining to curriculum and instruction impacting upon the organizational needs of the local association.
  3. Reviewing and recommending appropriate actions upon referrals in accordance with KHSTA policy.
Members School
Vickie Shoenhair Shafter
Chan Bayless Shafter
Gail Johnson District
Steve Kirkman South
Keith Reding East
Randy Bennett Bakersfield
Bill Parviainen Independence
Stacey Bell Schuetz CC



Membership Committee

Charge: The membership Committee reconciles monthly member dues, maintains and distributes accurate member information, recruit new members and work as liaisons between the Association members and  approved venders. Membership Committee duties are specified as follows:


  1. Reconcile monthly dues for CTA and submit to the Treasurer for payment.
  2. Maintain an accurate dues change list for the District Payroll Department insuring that members are charged correctly.
  3. Maintain accurate membership rosters to be given to the Site Representatives at each regularly scheduled meeting, to be provided to the Treasurer upon request and provided to CTA quarterly.
  4. Maintain member profile including: Site location; Job description; Address and phone number; Employment status (i.e. resignations, retirements).
  5. Maintain accurate information with CTA applications and distribute membership cards.
  6. Invite all new teachers to join CTA and provide membership packets for new teachers.
  7. Work as a liaison between the members of the Association and all approved NEA/CTA/KHSTA vendors.
  8. Help recruit site leaders for each site and maintain continual contact.
  9. Distribute informational materials for each site Representative. Mail all information provided at the Representative Council meetings when the Representative is not in attendance and mail information to Representatives during the summer recess.
  10. Organize and assist in appropriate Association activities that promote membership.
Members School
Jan Graves Foothill
Laura Huntington Ridgeview
Mark Trunnell Centennial
Scott Lockhart East
Art Folsom Tierra Del Sol
Carolyn Antongiovanni Foothill


Organizing Committee


Charge: The Committee purpose is to develop and maintain the strategic leverage that allows the Association to further its priorities. The committee shall:


  1. Coordinate with all committees to ensure the Association is pursuing its constant organizing goals.
  2. Develop and Coordinate crisis organizing plans.
  3. Work with the communications committee to disseminate approved messages.
  4. Increase engagement and activity of membership around common issues.
  5. Work with the Executive Board, standing committees of the Representative Council, and members to plan, act upon, and evaluate a constant organizing plan.
Members School
Adam Bishop Liberty
Herbert Akwaja Constellation
Kathy Cortez AIM
Whitney Weddell Nueva
Brian Mlenar Vista
Rudy Gutierrez Central Valley



Political Action Committee


Charge: The Political Involvement Committee studies and recommends policies and procedures for consideration by KHSTA governance bodies regarding political action in such areas as:


  1. Endorsement and political activities on behalf of candidates supportive of public education.
  2. Funding and activities in support of KHSTA’s political positions.
  3. The political process and local ballot measures, consistent with KHSTA policies and mission.
  4. Voter registration and get-out-the-vote efforts.
  5. Special programs to involve such specific groups as retired teachers, new voters, parents and minority groups in the political process.
  6. Activities to support KHSTA coordination with CTA policies and programs in regard to state legislation and political issues.
  7. Promote membership involvement in political action
Members School
Pat Abbasi Liberty
Robert Long Highland
John Haskell Golden Valley
Tom Johnson Liberty
Ken Correa Vista West
Cathy Adams Frontier