What’s New September 2017



  • Since 2013 we have increased member salaries by 10.5% while maintaining no out-of-pocket monthly expenses for health benefits. The district pays about $17,000 per member, per year on health benefits.


  • We advocate for smaller class sizes through LCAP and through our contract.


  • Kern High Schools for Student Achievement scholarship program helps our students continue their educations.


  • We ensure hours for teacher professional development through our Joint Committee.


  • We improve working conditions for teachers and students by ensuring a safe learning environment free from harassment.


  • We improve working conditions and keep our district office accountable through our Teachers Advisory Committee (TAC).


  • We advocate for teacher recruitment and for our new teachers. CTA and KHSTA has been instrumental in making sure teachers have due process before being terminated, and we continue to lobby/advocate to keep the probationary period at 2 years. Our association is directly involved in this issue through the State Council.


  • At KHSTA, we’ve got your back.

Author: Staff KHSTA

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