So Bakersfield Active Ride Shop devised a contest for their sport to reflect its landmarks.

Ten schools around Bakersfield were asked to make skate themed art representing Kern County.

In all, $10,000 will be given to KHSD art education. Along with prize money, the contest winner may see their art on store shelves.

The active ride shop will produce the t-shirt and board winner and sell it in their store, then a portion of the proceeds will go back to the school as well.

From Active Ride Shop

First off, I want to thank all of you for taking part in the Collective Vision Program we launched at Active Bakersfield. The feedback we got from the program was truly inspiring! In an effort to complete the program and reward the grant money, we would like to do an awards ceremony event at the Active Bakersfield store. Steven Van Doren (Vans) will be in attendance along with Esmail Mawjee (Active President). 
Date: October 16th
Time: 5 pm
Location: Active Bakersfield 
Now the moment you have all been waiting for! Here is the breakdown for the top schools! 
The winning school was West High School with 1,407 votes, Freedom Middle School finished second with 829 votes, and Frontier High took the third spot with 601 votes. Check out the grant breakdown below! 
Grant breakdown:
1st place – $5,000
2nd place – $2,000
3rd place – $1,000
4th place through 7th place- $500 each