The NEA Representative Assembly is the largest democratic deliberative assembly in the world. California sends more than 1,000 delegates to the NEA RA each summer. During this annual meeting, CTA members help set policy and chart the direction of NEA business through participation on  various committees, constituencies, caucuses, and leadership groups.


NEA RA 2013 kicked off with NEA President Dennis Van Roekel’s keynote speech and the association’s launching of its Raise Your Hand Campaign urging delegates to take on leadership roles, fight for social justice and work together to create positive change for students. New Business Items were also a focal point of the agenda.

CTA President Dean Vogel spoke on behalf of the delegation in support of New Business Item 3. With this NBI – which passed! – the NEA called for a moratorium on high stakes testing.

Delegates stayed connected to our Facebook page during the event and viewed pictures as they were posted to our FlickR Feed. They also followed the activities via Twitter by using the hashtag #NEARA13.



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