Below is a summary of substantive proposed changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement.  All changes can be found by accessing the full Tentative Agreement.


Article I – Implementation

  • Add counselors to recognition
  • Clarify coverage of Independent Study teachers, ROC teachers (renaming only), Speech Language Pathologists (renaming only) and Teachers on Special Assignment (TOSA’s) – all district resource teachers will now be classified as TOSA’s


Article II – Salary

  • 5% increase back to July 1, 2016
  • Increase and retroactive on salary included on December check
  • New stipends for additional duties effective on December check but no retro
  • Inclusion of a MOU on university credit not meeting accrediting requirements for contact hours
  • Continuation of 11-month pay
  • Inclusion of language if an employee is underpaid wages or compensation


Article III – Health and Welfare Benefits

  • Continuation of current fully district H&W plan for 2016-17


Article IV – Association Rights

  • No changes


Article V – Grievance Procedures

  • Grievance forms will now be included as an appendix


Article VI – Management Retained Rights

  • No changes


Article VII – Transfer and Reassignment

  • Clarification that administrators, counselors, CTE teachers, Discovery teachers, Kern Learn Teachers, and TOSA’s whose positions are eliminated get placed on the involuntary transfer list.
  • Language that provides for right of first refusal for an involuntary transfer if their position is restored within two subsequent years.



Article VIII – Leaves of Absence

  • Inclusion of certificated employee absence slip as an appendix
  • Inclusion of new child bonding leave to sub deduct status per Ed Code 44977.5. This leave is available to mothers and fathers.


Article IX – Hours and Professional Responsibility

  • Clarification of hours and prep time for all job classifications
  • Clarification that adult school contract teachers, counselors, Kern learn teachers, ROC teachers, and TOSA’s shall not be required to supervise student extracurricular activities – ex. Sporting events, dances etc…
  • Inclusion of Counselor extra duty assignments
  • Clarification of lunch periods for all employee groups.
  • Clarification that special education teachers with an office period and a prep may be assigned to only one period sub per day
  • Inclusion of 504 Plan meetings to the IEP four per semester cap before compensation
  • Special Ed teachers assigned IEP’s or 504 meeting prior to or after school compensated at the hourly rate
  • Speech Language Pathologists assigned to complete assessments and reporting for someone not in their caseload outside of the workday shall be compensated at the hourly rate
  • Clarification of length of work year for all employee groups
  • Clarification that bank time votes are for all affected unit members
  • Clarification that block- schedule votes are for all affected unit members


Article X – Certificated Employee Evaluation Procedures

  • Clarification of appropriate forms for evaluation of all job classifications
  • Elimination of ten-day requirement to respond to a derogatory comment in personnel file


Article XI – Withholding of Services

  • No changes


Article XII – Class Size Renamed to Work Load

  • Inclusion of counselor staffing in class size reports
  • Requirement for substitute for counselors or Speech Language Pathologists who are absent longer than two weeks


Article XIII – Safety

  • No Changes



Article XIV – Learning to Teach and Professional Development Programs

  • Clean up language on terminology
  • Clean up language on termination of the PAR program
  • Inclusion of MOU on Association involvement in the LCAP process


Article XV – Adult School Hourly, Home and Hospital, and Summer School Provisions

  • Language on how it is determined when adult school hourly teachers are placed on the certificated schedule
  • Inclusion of summer school counselor language


Article XVI – Employee Discipline

  • No changes.


Article XVII – Conclusion

  • Duration of the agreement is 3 years with reopeners in year 2 and 3.



  • See attachments.