The KHSTA has 4 Area Directors that serve the 4 Areas of the District (East, West, South and Central).They serve as voting members of the Association’s Representative Council. The prime function of the Area Director is to address issues affecting their designated area schools. The responsibilities of the Area Director are outlined below:


1.Represent area issues/concerns as a voting member of the KHSTA Rep.

2.Act as a member of the KHSTA Communications

3.Area Directors will report directly to the Executive Board upon request

4.Mentor/train/educate/assist Site Representatives.

5.Act as the interim Site Representative when there is no active Site Representative at a work site.

6.Assist with grievance procedures: Help Site Representatives identify and file assist with representation during the grievance process.  Serve as liaison to the Grievance Chair/committee as needed.

7.Provide an additional resource for member representation as needed.

8.Coordinate with Site Representatives to conduct at least one site visit to each site represented per schoolSite visits should be informal opportunities to meet members at each site, gather/disseminate information, and provide a conduit for site issues and concerns.

9.Represent area issues/concerns as a voting member of the KHSTA Rep. Council.

10.Aid in the organization for action items at each individual site.

11.Other duties as assigned.



KHSTA Area Directors are:


1. – Central Area Director

2. Laura Ghilarducci – East Area Director

3. Cynthia Brakeman – Southern Area Director

4. Chan Bayless – Western Area Director